Cirneco dell'Etna Dog

Posted on January 11th, 2016 and categorized under Dog

Dog Tips For You Today:

Know that your dog's coat may grow and it will need to be trimmed by a dog groomer. If the fur grows too long it can irritate the dog between the toes, or prevent it from seeing properly. In addition, the dog is likely to sweep debris, such as sticks and grass, up in the coat, which could cause it discomfort.

The Cirneco dellEtna is a small hound. type dog used in Sicily for rabbit hunting and commonly misnomered as the Sicilian greyhound when translated. The Cirneco dellEtna (Italian pronunciation [tirnko delltna] plural Cirnechi [tirnki]) is a small breed of dog originally from italian island of SicilyCopyright 2010 Cirneco dellEtna Club of America. All rights reserved. Karakter Cirneco dellEtna Deze zeer rustieke stoere levendige beweeglijke en krachtige hond heeft een sterke persoonlijkheid maar een goed temperament. Over Omy. dog Contact Uw bedrijf Rashonden. Ik zoek een ras. AKC.

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